[i try to stay in tune with what's happening.]

[i like words and liquor. currently living by the pontecorvo philosophy. please contact for further information.]

[i don’t think his mother would be too proud if she knew how he was or the number of girlfriends he possesses. he was texting all of them/their friends/leading them on but me. he just ruined my entire future.]

[he barely knows these girls, or shall we say their actual personalities, and took advice from girls who consider him their property or something.]

[a melancholic’s time granted for space adventures is equivalent to most people’s time grated to spend feeling free.]
[unsolved gender mysteries.]

Brocky Horror de Milo

[i have shades and curtains over both of those windows and there was a blanket involved.]

Crystal Stilts - 'Prismatic Room'

crystal stilts // prismatic room

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