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Anonymous said: He's referring to himself as Drukula again. If I didn't say.


dude please hop off my dick with your Sylvia Plath bullshit

Duuuude, I think I’d know better than you would.  Though I do only know one person who got that phrase from someone else.  I could go into a detailed description of Gregory House, MD, but I don’t think you want to hear about it.  I guess you don’t know about Baerando.  Awwww.  Thanks for listening, though!  I can’t take it anymore.  I only have random people on tumblr to vent to.  That was a typo, but then I remembered Lyle and Happy.  I heard through the rumor mill that Drakula is in my state today, but God knows what he’s doing or who’s scripting out their conversation meant to impress him.  It’s weird…my only friend in the state abandoned me.  Previous to college, he’d mostly only been into the city for the tree lighting and out of the state with family in PA and FL.  Went to Boston on a school trip once.  His friends all take these photos at places he asked me to google for ‘us’ and never invited me to and then post them on twitter or whatever.  They’re HOURS from the city.

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“Obama is gay, Michelle is a tranny”

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